If you are considering having some balusters installed along either side of your stair case, this can be beneficial for multiple reasons. One choice that you are going to need to make when it comes to your balusters is what material you would like them made out of. While there are several options, one choice that is great is wrought iron. There are several great reasons why you should choose wrought iron for your stair balusters. 


One excellent reason to go with wrought iron is because of the high level of detail that can be added to the balusters. The iron can be welded to create several different kinds of designs. You can have designs on the wrought iron rods coming up from each step and you can also have details added to the hand railing that goes clear down the stair case. This can include custom made shapes, twists, knuckles, ribbons, flames, flowers, or any other design that can be created with the wrought iron via welding . You can also choose to have the metal treated different ways, whether it is painted, polished, or otherwise colored. It can look great to have your hand rail one color and your rods another color. 


When you install a baluster, you want to have the comfort of knowing that it is going to last you for several years to come without wearing down. When you choose to go with wrought iron, this is exactly what you are going to get. The wrought iron is going to be treated, which is going to make it resistant to rust, scratches, etc. Also, because the wrought iron is made to be incredibly strong, you aren't going to have to worry about accidentally hurting it when you bump into it with either your body, furniture, or some other large item. 


Perhaps the most important reason of all to choose wrought iron for your baluster is how safe it is. You know that the closely placed iron rods are going to stop your child from falling off either side of the stair case, or from being able to squeeze through the bars and fall down. You can even have the bars placed especially close together if you have small children and are worried about this. The hand railing is also going to offer those young and old something that is safe and reliable to hold onto as they are walking down the stairs.