A lot of commercial properties that you visit every day have large glass entry doors for you to enter and exit through. The doors are designed to withstand a lot of things but like anything that gets used a lot, they may need to be adjusted or repaired from time to time. Who do you get to deal with these doors if you need them repaired? It may depend on the type of repair needed.

Damage To The Frame

These large glass doors typically have an extruded metal frame on them. The frame serves several purposes. It holds the glass in place and it serves as a mount for the hinges on doors that swing open. On doors that slide, the frame is also the track and slide for the door. If there is damage to the frame you will need to get a commercial door company to send a repair technician out to look at the door. The adjustment on these doors is a little different than on a residential door and because of the weight of the door, it is critical that the door is adjusted properly so it takes someone familiar with them to get them operating properly.

Broken Glass

Because the glass on these doors is typically laminated safety glass, it takes a lot of force to break it but it can happen. When the glass is broken, you will need to get a commercial door company to come out and deal with it. They may have a glass company come out as well to replace the glass on sight or they may opt to change the door and take the damaged one back to the shop to repair it. The type and amount of damage will determine how it is handled. In cases where the glass is the only damage to the door, a glass company may be able to change the glass without ever taking the door off the hinges saving time and money for the business.

Installing New Doors

If it is time to replace the doors on your business with new ones, talk to a commercial door installer about the options that will fit. You may have to change the entire door frame, especially if you are changing to a different style door. If you had a swinging door and are going to put a sliding one in, the differences in the door, mechanism, and frame would require you to have the entire frame and door replaced. If the building is new construction, the door will be installed early in the building process but it will still require an expert installer to put it in place and make sure it is running properly and fits properly.

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