Do you own a home with a garage? Are you having issues with the garage door and need to have it replaced? Garages and garage doors are great things to have, right up to the point where they stop working for a seemingly random reason. While there are often simple things that can be done to fix a broken garage door, sometimes you simply need to have a new one installed before you'll be able to use your garage normally again. Although you might be considering handling this task yourself, there are a number of reasons why you should let a professional handle the job. Some of the most important reasons include: 

Safety: There are a number of garage door parts that can be difficult for a single person to install on their own. For instance, the individual segments of a garage door can be heavier and more unwieldy than expected. But perhaps the most dangerous part of a garage door installation is the installation of the heavy duty spring or springs that help to raise and lower the door itself. These springs are under high tension in order to help them counter-balance the weight of the door. Because of this, they can slip from your grip as you try to install them, potentially causing injury or damage to anyone or anything that happens to be nearby. 

Money: Buying all of the right parts for a garage door installation can actually be quite difficult. Owing to the safety risks, a garage door manufacturer may not be willing to sell all of the necessary parts to an individual. You may find what appear to be the necessary parts on an auction site but, when they arrive, you potentially find out that they are mislabeled or otherwise don't work. Sending the parts back can be even more expensive than keeping them, causing you to spend even more money as you search for the right parts. A garage door professional will have access to all of these parts from the start without you needing to use trial and error to locate a missing piece.

Time: Aside from needing to spend time locating the correct parts, the actual garage door installation can take a significant amount of time even if you do manage to find everything that you need. Between having to watch various how-to videos online and trying to figure out how they apply to the model of garage door that you're installing, the process could potentially take you days or even the course of several weekends to complete, if at all. A garage door professional can have the whole thing installed in a matter of just a few hours.

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