Automation helps people of all different ability levels, and ADA door opening systems are no exception. Those with different abilities, including those who use wheelchairs, can use powered door openers to gain access to residential and commercial buildings.

With these systems, an automatic opener opens the door, and the closer will close the door once the time limit has been reached. This makes entering an establishment or home much easier for somebody who finds it difficult to use the handle. Read on to learn more about these automotive devices.

Quality Is King

The quality of handicap door openers is exceptional. Durable door openers are meant to withstand repeated use, all day every day. The mounting makes a big difference for quality, and you can choose how you want the door to open. Different mount options ensure you can choose a door situation that stays safe from bad weather and more.

Best of all, you do not have to sacrifice appearance for automation. You can still use glass, wood, or metal doors based on your needs. Consult with a professional, like those at DOORS FIXED RIGHT, INC., to learn more about the design of doors you can use with your automated opener.

Options Are Plentiful

Door automation systems come with many different options. You can choose from keypads with different codes, to simple switches. If you own a building somewhere with bad weather, you can choose a weatherproof door as well. You can select the perfect model for a business or other public location, like a church, office building, hospital, or government installation. Different models are also perfect for your home.

You Can Use a Battery Backup

What do you do when the power goes out in your building? A battery backup can help you ensure that residents and customers still have easy access to your building in the event of power failure. Of course, you can also choose doors that can be unlocked and opened by anybody who is able with the ADA automatic opener as an option, but not the main method of opening.

You Can Customize the Opener and Closer

Remember that you can have timers and code pads adjusted based on the needs of the people who frequent your business or live in your building. Talk with a professional to learn more about your options.

ADA door opening systems are widely available, and you can choose the perfect one for your building, no matter its purpose.