Problems with the storefront door to your business can have a major impact on the ability of your customers to enter or exit the building. While commercial storefront doors are normally highly reliable, the amount of use that they experience can lead to a few problems being likely to occur at some point.

Faulty Opening Mechanism

Many storefront doors will have automated opening systems that can allow individuals to enter and exit the building without having to open the door themselves. Unfortunately, the opening mechanism can suffer failures from a variety of sources. One of the more common issues would be a failure of the motor that is responsible for opening and closing the door. However, the sensors that are responsible for detecting when someone is approaching the door can also suffer failures that may prevent them from working. While these opening systems can be essential for allowing individuals with mobility issues to easily use your facilities, they can be fairly complex to repair without the services of a repair technician.

Damage To The Glass

Storefront doors will often utilize glass or even be made almost entirely from it. In the event that the glass suffers a crack or other damage, it will likely be necessary to replace it. While there are repair resins that can be used to address minor chips in the glass, the frequent use of these doors can lead to minor damage worsening before these repairs can be completed. Depending on the design of your storefront doors, it will likely be possible to repair this glass damage without needing to completely replace the door itself. This can help to keep the costs of addressing this damage low and the time needed as short as possible.

Compromised Door Hinges Or Tracks

The hinges or tracks that your storefront door uses can experience damage that may make it significantly more difficult for a person to open and close the door. For doors that swing open, issues with the hinges can result in the door being unable to be opened all the way, or it may drag along the ground. In some cases, these hinge issues may be the result of the anchor screws loosening. For doors that use tracking, it is possible for these tracks to become bent in a way that will prevent the door from traveling along them as intended. If this occurs, the door may become jammed while only being partially open.

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